Cook by numbers is like paint by numbers, but for food! I'm a regular foodie situated in Toronto, ON who loves to cook, bake and eat. I will be enrolled in George Brown's culinary arts certificate program starting September (part-time) so even more food to come!

I'll be sharing my food adventures, especially my attempts to cook (the successes AND the failures), with recipes, photos, links, reviews, tips, and randomness.

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Apple pie - what’s not to love?! Because apple pie is hard to carry to work (and near impossible to serve without plates), I opted for an apple pie BAR recipe I found on Food & Wine Magazine’s website! I love seeing the “tested and perfected by Food & Wine” badge.

Okay so the recipe is actually quite a lot of work. Make a shortbread base, bake it, cook the apples, chop up the crumble (I saw chop because I used two knives), layer them, and bake again for another hour. But it’s actually DELICIOUS.

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As soon as I saw this recipe for peanut butter chocolate cheerio squares, I knew I needed to try it!

Here were my tweaks:

- I didn’t have unsweetened peanut butter so I opted to put in regular pb
- Instead, worrying it would be too sweet, I put in two teaspoons of instant coffee crystals (these are for adults, not children!)
- While mixing I decided to put in an extra half to 1 bowl of cheerios because it was still very sticky

What I didn’t expect was just how darn sticky this marshmallow peanut butter mixture would be! I think I must have bought the marshmallow cement because that’s exactly what it felt like. I had to transfer the wet ingredients out of my pot because I didn’t choose a large enough pot so that might have cooled it down a bit. It started to get reallllllly sticky and I had to use my hands to mix the cereal in but it was super scolding hot too! Who knew that this would be the biggest challenge I would face in my cooking/baking history?!

Regardless, I trucked through. Put them into the fridge for 15 minutes, cut them into squares (flip the ENTIRE thing out onto a cutting board and then cut. Don’t try to cut them in the baking pan), and stored them into the tupperware to bring to work!